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About YWIL

In March 2019, our vision began to take form, as we wanted to create a community of young women who are driven by their passion to make tangible change in the world. YWiL TWU has been resilient in pursuing and creating an organization in which women at TWU can have an incredible impact on the community.
We see the passion, persistence and drive the women at TWU have and want to capitalize on that talent to cultivate an incredible organization with honest leadership, networking and communication skills among TWU’s female student body.

Our 2023/2024 team is composed of twelve dynamic students from all different years and majors. Our collective vision aims to connect with incoming female students from all academic backgrounds at TWU. Our events are designed to offer members the chance to develop their skills and personal growth while building a ministry committed to supporting one another. Through nurturing the YWIL community, our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment focused on empowerment and fostering meaningful, intentional relationships.

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Jessica-Rae Carlaw

Social Media Coordinator

Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-33.jpg

Aree Sanchez

Partner Relations Coordinator

Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-51.jpg

Hailey Yarmuch 

Sponsorship Coordinator

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Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-52.jpg

Alexis Money

Sabrina Dias


VP of Finance

    Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-31.jpg

    Ximena Escobar

      VP of External Relations

      Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-23.jpg

      Janae Born

        Director of Events

        Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-58.jpg

        Lexy Taylor 

          VP of Marketing

          Executive Team

          Department Members

          Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-61.jpg

           Britney Oviero

          Marketing Assistant


          Jessica-Rae Carlaw

          Social Media Coordinator

          Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-20.jpg

          Jenna Renkema

          Events Coordinator

          Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-22.jpg

          Kaelyn Van Garderen 

          Events Coordinator

          Pillar YWIL Headshots (WWM)-18.jpg

          Allie Janzen

          Events Coordinator

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